Issue #4 August 2023

Investigations with Trust

How can biometric technology extend the long arm of the law?

Developing biometric technology can help solve crimes faster and lead to increased trust in the police forces. However, to rely on the technology, we must find a balance between catching dangerous criminals and maintaining society’s rights for privacy, fair trials, liberty and security.

Discover how experts and professionals approach finding this balance in the fourth issue of the Trust Report magazine by Innovatrics.

Jan Lunter
CEO of Innovatrics

A new rubric about UX design
The Biometric UXtra
The Biometric UXtra

How to apply colour psychology in the redesign of biometric applications

Biometric applications should not only be technologically advanced, but also as easy to understand and navigate as possible. Delve into how Innovatrics applied colour psychology principles in the ABIS redesign, creating a consistent visual language and simplifying tasks for thousands of users.

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We collect and analyse fingerprints to better understand the needs of law enforcement

Inside the Innovatrics forensic lab, you will find a mix of high-tech fingerprint gadgets and traditional brushes and powders for lifting fingerprints.

TV vs reality: The investigative work crime shows fail to reflect

If you want to become a criminal investigator or wonder what a real crime scene looks like, let this article be your reality check.

From paper to digital: Modernising criminal records with biometrics

Guinea is now dedicated to modernising and digitising its police records. This involves the integration of biometrics into the criminal identification process.

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