The Biometric UXtra: a new rubric about UX design

From sci-fi to reality:
How biometrics has travelled through movie screens and into our daily lives

How well did sci-fi movies of the past predict the biometric technologies that are now a reality, and which sci-fi concepts have remained fiction?

From measuring head length to advanced facial biometrics: The history of criminal identification

How did the police catch villains back in the old days, before the dawn of computers, fancy tech gadgets and automated biometric identification systems?

TV vs reality: The investigative work crime shows fail to reflect

If you want to become a criminal investigator or wonder what a real crime scene looks like, let this article be your reality check.

Five questionable cases of election fraud and how they could’ve been avoided

Deceased people still registered to vote, bad ballot design or even honest mistakes can raise eyebrows about the integrity of elections. Even more so in these times, when it has become easy to enrage the masses into believing the system is crooked – as we saw in the US after the 2020 presidential elections, when […]

From elephant rides to space voters: Five unusual ways of voting around the world

A journey into the polling extravaganzas around the world. Solid democracies have one goal: ensuring that every citizen will be able to execute their right to vote – regardless of where they live, their gender, social status or ethnicity. Sometimes, however, this is no easy task for the electoral commissions. Geography, population density, conflicts and […]

From Indonesia to Germany: why so many democracies don’t have fair elections

Election inequality and voter suppression are issues that haunt democracies around the world. But shouldn’t democracy ensure that every eligible citizen is able to cast their vote?

Three white-collar banking scams that governments ignored

Could the shocking events of these government-supported financial scams even happen today?

Trust is earned,
and you need to show value in order to earn it

Africa's digital revolution is transforming the continent. Our economy has been at record pace and our growth has been gradually increasing.

“The issue of trust does not lie in the technology, it lies in the culture.”

The disruption – both positive and negative – that we are experiencing from new technologies, comes from the shift in trust.