Issue #5 May 2024


How can biometrics help people trust each other more on sharing economy platforms?

Successful sharing economy platforms rely on trust between strangers. This sense of trust makes the entire platform function well, ensuring that people can comfortably share and exchange without worry. With this in mind, it is essential that these platforms understand how to build and nurture trust among users. One way to help users trust each other is by integrating trustworthy biometric tools that verify the identities of users. 

The fifth issue of the Trust Report explores biometrics’ role in increasing trust and building reliable sharing economy platforms all over the world.

Jan Lunter
CEO of Innovatrics

“When companies seek biometric services, it shows responsibility and care,” says remote identity verification expert

The pandemic kickstarted the use of biometrics. Solutions like remote identity verification made it easier for major companies to operate, and since then, this technology has become widespread, especially in areas like the sharing economy.

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A new rubric about UX design
The Biometric UXtra
The Biometric UXtra

How to apply colour psychology in the redesign of biometric applications

Biometric applications should not only be technologically advanced, but also as easy to understand and navigate as possible. Delve into how Innovatrics applied colour psychology principles in the ABIS redesign, creating a consistent visual language and simplifying tasks for thousands of users.

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“Thanks to powerful servers, training a face recognition algorithm now takes just ten days instead of a year,” says R&D lead Jakub Sochor

For decades, fingerprint recognition has been the holy grail of secure biometric authentication. Yet, with the rapid progression and widespread acceptance of facial recognition, is there a new frontrunner?

From sci-fi to reality:
How biometrics has travelled through movie screens and into our daily lives

How well did sci-fi movies of the past predict the biometric technologies that are now a reality, and which sci-fi concepts have remained fiction?

How biometric identity verification protects passengers using
ride-hailing apps

To get home one night, you order a taxi through a ride-hailing app. You don’t check who your driver is because you don’t have to. With driver face verification and liveness check algorithms, you know that the ride-hailing app continuously verifies thousands of drivers, making all the rides you take safe.

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