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New opportunities arise with safer interactions

The Trust Report

The Trust Report is an online & print magazine that provides insights into the uses and technologies of the trusted digital identity.

The authors, thought leaders and tech pioneers offer their view on the credibility of technology and institutions to provide context for thinking about the digital identity.

Each issue is devoted to a single topic that helps industry leaders navigate across complex tech landscapes to have more information for decisions about the future.

Take your time to flick through, scroll, and think.

Instant Trust

Instant Trust is a vision of Innovatrics that provides ideas for businesses, governments, tech geeks, and policymakers.

Based on the idea that trust is built by sharing knowledge, Instant Trust creates and distributes guides, white papers, e-books, and webinars on the magazine platform Trust Report.


Innovatrics is a provider of biometric solutions and a leader in the field of biometric identification that exists to make the world safer. It was founded in 2004 and since then it launched projects in over 80 countries.

Its vision is providing digital trusted identity solutions that foster more convenient services and innovation around the globe.

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Innovatrics, s.r.o.
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