Issue #01 March 2021

The Value
of Trust

How should businesses and institutions handle digital identity and build trust?

Imagine if we’d had to endure lockdowns ten years ago.  Video calls, remote services, collaborations most of them wouldn’t have been possible. Today we have the necessary technology, but what we still require is trust. 

Jan Lunter
CEO of Innovatrics

“The issue of trust does not lie in the technology, it lies in the culture.”

The disruption – both positive and negative – that we are experiencing from new technologies, comes from the shift in trust.

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How biometric identity verification protects passengers using
ride-hailing apps

To get home one night, you order a taxi through a ride-hailing app. You don’t check who your driver is because you don’t have to. With driver face verification and liveness check algorithms, you know that the ride-hailing app continuously verifies thousands of drivers, making all the rides you take safe.


What if biometric recognition systems would spread in the comics universe? No Clark Kent would stand a single chance to cover up his “side job”!

Biometric central registry opens up online services to everyone

How Panama went for a brand-new, faster biometric identity register.

The place where world-class AI is made

Visit the Brno located AI lab, where a team of enthusiastic computer scientists design and code the intelligent engine behind the trusted biometric solutions.

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